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  • post thumbnail Open Letter: WiFi in Schools (#1)

    November 2009. Open Letter to Parents, Teachers, School Boards Regarding Wi-Fi Networks in Schools and Cell Phone Antennas near Schools by Magda Havas, 2009 It is cheaper but is it safer? More and more schools are providing internet access in s

  • post thumbnail WiFi Proposal for San Francisco

    2007. Analysis of Health and Environmental Effects of Proposed San Francisco Earthlink Wi-Fi Network by Magda Havas During the second half of the 20th century the world underwent an electromagnetic revolution and many new frequencies were used f

  • post thumbnail Expert Testimony Broadcast Antenna

    October 2005. Health Effects associated with Radio Frequency Radiation. Broadcast antennas differ from cell phone antennas in that the transmitting frequency is lower, the radiation is stronger, and transmission is more consistent with a broadcast

  • post thumbnail Dirty Electricity in Schools

    2006. Schools and offices are notorious for poor power quality, also known as dirty electricity, generated by tube fluorescent lighting, computers, and other electronic equipment. Since children are sensitive to environmental contaminants be they c

  • post thumbnail Expert Testimony High Voltage Transmission Line

    February 2007. For those concerned about living near a high voltage transmission line, read the expert testimony by Dr. Havas produced in response to the Altalink 500 kV Transmission System in the Edmonton-Calgary area. Imagine a world identical

  • post thumbnail Cell Tower Blues

    August 2002. Those who aren't sensitive to electrosmog have difficulty understanding how seriously life can be adversely affected for someone who is sensitive. "Sensitives" have difficulty surviving in a world that is increasing filled with radio

  • Testimony High Voltage Transmission LInes

  • post thumbnail List of Speaking Engagements

    December 2009. Below is a list of guest lectures, invited presentations, conference presentations on various topics including dirty electricity, microwave radiation, transmission lines, mobile phones, wind turbines, electrohypersensitivity, etc.

  • post thumbnail Mechanisms of action, Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy

    October 2009. Listen to Dr. Goldsworthy's perspective on the mechanisms involved in electrohypersensitivity to electrsmog. Dr. Goldsworthy provides plausible explanations for the symptoms experienced by those who have electrohypersensitivity. Th

  • post thumbnail Cell Transmission Towers

    June 2008. Dr Havas gave a presentation in Colwood British Columbia on Vancouver Island on June 25, 2008. She was invited by Sharon Noble who lives on Triangle Mountain among both cell phone and broadcast antennas that are reeking havoc in


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