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  • post thumbnail University says “NO” to WiFi and Cellular Antennas

    December 2009. If you are a student who is sensitive to electromagnetic energy or who does not want to be unnecessarily exposed to microwave radiation then this is definitely one university you should consider attending. Lakehead University has o

  • post thumbnail Prevention exposes Dirty Electricity

    December 2009. The January issue of Prevention Magazine steps up to the plate to highlight "Dirty Electricity" and the health effects that are related to electromagnetic radiation. This article features the work of Sam Milham and Lloyd Morgan at La Q

  • post thumbnail Dirty Electricity and GS Units

    December 2009. Dirty electricity is measured with a microsurge meter and is expressed in GS units or Graham Stetzer units named after Dr. Martin Graham, Professor Emeritus at UC Berkeley and Dave Stetzer, President of Stetzer Electric in Wisconsin. B

  • post thumbnail Electrification caused “diseases of civilization”

    September 2009. Dr. Sam Milham, MD, has been researching the health effects of electromagnetic exposure for decades and his most recent paper, which appeared in the September issue of the Journal of Medical Hypotheses, is particularly disturbing.

  • post thumbnail New EMF website by Dr. Mercola

    November 2009. Many doctors are unfamiliar with the symptoms related to electrical sensitivity. Dr. Joseph Mercola of often presented warnings related to electromagnetic fields on his website and he has now enlisted the help of Vic



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