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  • post thumbnail Mercury in broken CFL bulbs can exceed safe exposure levels for humans!

    July 6, 2011.  Finally someone measured the mercury content of compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs! We have been told that these bulbs contain 0.5 mg of mercury and that lower mercury-content bulbs will be produced in the future, yet many bulbs

  • post thumbnail Conflict of Interest: the Wireless Industry and ICNIRP

    July 5, 2011. Who to believe?  Ironically, two reports published days apart have totally different takes on whether or not microwave radiation is harmful. Both are review articles but that is where the similarity ends. In one publication [Long-t

  • post thumbnail Health Canada confused about WHO Classification

    July 1, 2011.  Health Canada seems to be confused about the recent WHO/IARC classification of radio frequency electromagnetic fields as a "possible human carcinogen." Ms Beth Pieterson (Director General, Environment and Radiation Health Services



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