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  • post thumbnail Open Letter to Steve Jobs

    August, 31, 2011. Steve, I am a long-time Apple user. My first Apple computer was the Apple 512k that I used as a "portable" computer for several years. You opened the world of technology to so many people who could intuitively use a Mac with n

  • post thumbnail Cell Phones & Head Blemishes in Adolescents: Is it Melanoma?

    August 28, 2011.  A hair stylist in Toronto noticed discolourations on the scalp of adolescents. The marks were often in the temporal lobe near the ear although some were on the top or back of the head.  Since most of the blemishes were cover

  • post thumbnail How to properly read a scientific paper–Adolescent brain tumours and mobile phones.

    August 17, 2011.  Scientific documents published in peer-reviewed journals are intended to be read by scientists with specific areas of specialization.   A layperson, a journalist and even a scientist–who specializes in a different field–may fi



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