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  • post thumbnail Are you experiencing abnormally high electricity bills?

    May 30, 2011.  People are complaining that their electricity bills are higher after smart meters were installed in their homes, implying that the new wireless meters are not reading accurately.  Others, who have retained their analog meters are say

  • post thumbnail Open Letter Wi-Fi in Schools (#3) 2012

    May 2012.  At the request of some teachers I have updated the open letter I wrote in May 2009 about Wi-Fi in the school environment. Much has happened during the past 3 years making it even more urgent that a moratorium be placed on the deployment o

  • post thumbnail Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association & Wi-Fi in the Workplace

    February 2012.  The Ontario English Catholic Teachers' Association is one of the first teachers' associations to come out opposed to Wi-Fi in the classroom.  Kevin O'Dwyer, OECTA President, says there is enough evidence to bring concerns and raise



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