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  • post thumbnail Testing and Monitoring Electrosmog: The Acid Rain of Today

    On Friday May 5, 2017, Magda Havas will be giving a workshop at the Partners in Prevention 2017 Health and Safety Conference and Trade Show called "The New Workplace".  Partners in Prevention is part of the Ontario Government's Workplace Safety and

  • post thumbnail Electrosmog: The Acid Rain of Today

    December 4, 2016:  The Green Gazette, which serves Cariboo-Chilcotin British Columbia,  posted this article in their November 14, 2016 Issue: Electrosmog:  The acid rain of today by Magda Havas.  The article is based on some of the evidence I pr

  • post thumbnail When theory and observation collide: Can non-ionizing radiation cause cancer?

    November 29, 2016:  The Missing Link:  Why your government isn’t protecting you from mobile phones and Wi-Fi when research shows this radiation causes cancer. The American scientific journal, Environmental Pollution, reports in its next

  • post thumbnail Ground Current Videos

    July 27, 2016.  I am going to post a series of educational videos that I am producing on the ground current pollution problem we are experiencing not only in Ontario but in other provinces and in other countries, like the U.S.  Most people are un

  • post thumbnail Ground Current Pollution – Ontario Government Unwilling to Fix Problem!

    July 4, 2016.  It seems that the Private Member's Bill 161, Elimination of Ground Current Pollution, which received unanimous support in the Ontario Legislative Assembly on February 18, 2016, is going nowhere. A few weeks ago I had a meeting wit

  • post thumbnail Open Letter re: ABC Catalyst Wi-Fried Documentary, Australia.

    July 5, 2016.  I recently learned that Wi-Fried, produced by Maryanne Demasi and aired on ABC, Catalyst in Australia, has been removed from public viewing. As a scientist who does research in this area I find this documentary to be among the best

  • post thumbnail Rogers vs. Chateauguay: Canadian Supreme Court rules that cities cannot block location of cell towers.

    June 17, 2016.  Yesterday, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that, since the telecom industry comes under the jurisdiction of the federal government, municipalities have no say in the placement of cell phone towers or antennas.  While this simply u

  • post thumbnail Toronto Total Health Convention, April 8–10, 2016

    April 3, 2016: Toronto Total Health Convention April 8 to 10, 2016 will be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on Front Street. This year I will be addressing the concept of ground current generated by our use of electricity and how to p

  • post thumbnail Safe Baby Monitors

    November 24, 2015.  Are you an expectant mother or a friend that would like to purchase a present for a baby shower? Perhaps you are a grandparent that is aware of the problems associated with wireless products and are looking for something that

  • post thumbnail Magda Havas Speaking Engagements: Oct to Dec 2015

    Oct 26, 2015:  Here are my upcoming speaking engagements. 1.  Oct 29 – Nov 1, 2015; International College of Integrative Medicine (ICIMED) Conference, Chicago, IL.  Energy Medicine:  Paradox and Controversy Magda Havas, PhD – Thursday O


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