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  • post thumbnail Cell Phone Antennas and Cost of Electricity!

    January 2010. A few years ago I was contacted by a Susan Stankavich who complained that she and her husband were experiencing ill health and their symptoms were getting worst as more cell phone antennas were constructed in their community. She men

  • post thumbnail Don’t stand in front of the microwave

    November 2009. Magda Havas gave an interview to Bottom Line/Personal and this is what they wrote: Don't stand in front of the Microwave. Radiation Dangers from phones, plasma TVs and computers, too . . . Click here for pdf.

  • post thumbnail Prevention Magazine on CFL bulbs

    November 2009. Prevention magazine has created a video about the dangers of Compact Florescent Bulbs. What is notable about this video is that they don't mention the dangers of ultraviolet radiation or mercury but instead focus on the radio frequ


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