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  • post thumbnail WiFi in Alberta Schools: A debate

    December 23, 2010. The Concern with WiFi in Alberta Schools, aired on Alberta Prime Time on November 17th 2010. Dr. Magda Havas debates Dr.Marc MacKenzie, a scientific sceptic. Nausea, headaches, heart palpitations and insomnia; just a few of t

  • post thumbnail New Study: Radiation from Cordless Phone Base Station Affects the Heart

    October 22, 2010.  New study by Dr. Magda Havas and colleagues in the peer-reviewed European Journal of Oncology Library Vol. 5, 2010 shows that radiation from a digital cordless phone base station affects the heart in a double-blind provocation

  • post thumbnail Free FIBER For Swiss Schools – WiFi Warnings

    October 21, 2010.  While the rest of the world rushes onwards with the wireless revolution, Switzerland - the country that invented the World Wide Web - and the largest telecom provider - SWISSCOM which is owned (52%) by the Swiss government  - hav

  • post thumbnail Digital portable phones affects the Heart!

    Aug 2010.  Cordless phones who's base station radiates in an "always on" mode using 2.4  or 1.8 gigahertz DECT technology should be banned.  DECT stands for Digital European Cordless Telephony or Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telephone.  These pho

  • post thumbnail Interphone Study: It’s not just brain tumors!

    Revised May 17 2010. Head of the INTERPHONE study, Elisabeth Cardis, and scientists in Israel link mobile phones to parotid gland tumors. Dr. Siegal Sadetski, testifies at US Senate Hearing Magda Havas, BSc., PhD Institute for Health Studies and

  • post thumbnail Live Blood Cells and Electrosmog

    March 2010.  Live blood cells came reveal important information about your health, so I decided to test my own blood.  The first time I tested my blood it was clumped and not looking very healthy and then I realized that I had been working at my co

  • post thumbnail Diabetes and Electrosensitivity

    March 2010. If you have difficulty regulating your blood sugar and you are electrically sensitive you may have type 3 diabetes according to research published in the Journal Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine in 2008. Unlike Type 1 diabetes (juv

  • post thumbnail Dirty Electricity and GS Units

    December 2009. Dirty electricity is measured with a microsurge meter and is expressed in GS units or Graham Stetzer units named after Dr. Martin Graham, Professor Emeritus at UC Berkeley and Dave Stetzer, President of Stetzer Electric in Wisconsin. B

  • post thumbnail Cell Phones & Cigarettes: What do they have in common?

    November 2009. This 8-minute video presents some of the health effects associated with cell phone use especially by young people and pregnant women. It also draws on similarities between cigarette smoking and cell phone use. A must see by teenager

  • post thumbnail Cell Transmission Towers

    June 2008. Dr Havas gave a presentation in Colwood British Columbia on Vancouver Island on June 25, 2008. She was invited by Sharon Noble who lives on Triangle Mountain among both cell phone and broadcast antennas that are reeking havoc in


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