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  • post thumbnail Speaking Engagements May 2015

    May 13, 2015:  Several people asked me to post my upcoming speaking engagements.  Here they are for the month of May 2015. 1.  May 18, 2015:  5th Congress of the Paris Appeal: Idiopathic Environmental Intolerance: What is the role of Electroma

  • post thumbnail What do stress and singing plants have in common?

    December 13, 2014.  Part of the research I do is trying to determine objective ways to help doctors diagnose electrohypersensitivity. Click on the picture above to view the video. Stress is a common response to electrosmog exposure and one

  • post thumbnail Our love affair with wireless technology is making us sick.

    December 9, 2014.  The New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) asked me to give a live webinar related to the use of wireless technology and health effects, especially as they relate to pregnant women.  The webinar is scheduled for today at 4:30 pm

  • post thumbnail WiFi in Alberta Schools: A debate

    December 23, 2010. The Concern with WiFi in Alberta Schools, aired on Alberta Prime Time on November 17th 2010. Dr. Magda Havas debates Dr.Marc MacKenzie, a scientific sceptic. Nausea, headaches, heart palpitations and insomnia; just a few of t

  • post thumbnail Canada House of Commons Microwave Report Now Available

    Dec 21 2010 update.  In April, International EMF experts were invited to Ottawa to present information about the health effects of radio frequency radiation to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Health (HESA).  Those invited to participate

  • post thumbnail CBC Podcast on the dangers of wireless technology

    April 2010.  In this 60 min. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) program, host Michael Enright provides an investigation into a complicated debate and a frightening question: Do cell phones cause brain cancer? Across the world, medical and

  • post thumbnail BRAG™ School Report – Media Advisory

    April 21, 2010, Washington, D.C. A new report, “The BRAG™ Antenna Ranking of Schools” (‘BRAG™ Ranking’), will be unveiled April 28th  by Professor Magda Havas, PhD of Trent University, Canada, along with Jim Turner, Esq., Chairman of Ci

  • post thumbnail Dr. Havas lectures at Total Health Show in Toronto

    March 2010. Dr. Magda has will appear at the Total Health Show in Toronto on Sunday, 3:00 – 4:00, Room 205 to present her lecture: Mobile Phones, Antennas, Computers and Compact Fluorescent Lights . . . What You Need to Know to Protect Your Family

  • post thumbnail Don’t stand in front of the microwave

    November 2009. Magda Havas gave an interview to Bottom Line/Personal and this is what they wrote: Don't stand in front of the Microwave. Radiation Dangers from phones, plasma TVs and computers, too . . . Click here for pdf.

  • post thumbnail Power Line Protest

    November 25, 2009 1,500 attend meeting on power lines By CBC News Around 1,500 people attended a rally at Edmonton's Rexall Place Tuesday night to demand the province bury an above ground, high-voltage transmission line proposed to run nea


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