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  • post thumbnail Thousands turn up for power-line protest

    November 25, 2009. Thousands turn up for power-line protest ctvedmonton.ca About 1,500 people filed into Rexall Place Tuesday evening with a strong message against the construction of massive power-lines. The rally's organizer, the Respon

  • post thumbnail Residents Fight Proposed Power Expansion

    November 25, 2009. Residents fight proposed power expansion ctvedmonton.ca Thousands are expected to rally Tuesday evening at Rexall Place to fight a proposed power expansion in Alberta. A massive power-line is proposed to go in one of

  • post thumbnail Edmonton Power Line Protest

    November 25, 2009. Tuesday night, thousands of people attended a meeting to promote the undergrounding of a 500 kilo volt transmission line proposed for Alberta. The meeting, organized by RETA (Responsible Electricity Transmission for Albertans)

  • post thumbnail Epilepsy 360 degrees

    September 2008. Epilepsy 360 decrees: In the News Magazine -- CFLs, dirty electricity and epilepsy. While lighting authorities assure CFLs to be safe to use in homes, people with epilepsy, migraines and Multiple Sclerosis (MS) are raisi

  • post thumbnail The Dark Side of CFL Bulbs

    July 2009. By 2012 consumers will be unable to buy energy inefficient incandescent light bulbs in most countries. Currently the only product available that is both energy efficient and inexpensive are compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs and the

  • post thumbnail Global TV-dirty electricity

    January 2009. Global TV is a national broadcast network in Canada. They approached me for information about the new compact fluorescent light bulbs, what they emit and their effects on the human body. The entire episode, in 4 parts, is provided be


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