Health Canada admits Safety Code 6 guideline for microwave radiation is based ONLY on thermal effects!

February 20, 2013.  I just returned from a hearing in Montreal in front of the Superior Court of Quebec where Health Canada scientist, James McNamee, admitted that the Safety Code 6 guideline for microwave radiation (which includes radiation… Read More

International Experts’ Perspective on the Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR).

June 11, 2011 (updated as of July 2018).   Below are some of the key resolutions, appeals, and declarations released by expert scientific groups around the world since 1998, regarding the biological and health effects of both low frequency electromagnetic… Read More

Important review on Biological Effects of Antennas by Levitt and Lai 2010.

November  5, 2010.  Important review of the biological effects for those living near antennas was just published in Environmental Reviews, a Journal of the Canadian National Research Council. Levitt, BB and H. Lai.  2010. Biological effects from exposure… Read More

#002: More than 2000 Documents prior to 1972 on Bioeffects of Radio Frequency Radiation

More than 2000 Documents prior to 1972 on Bioeffects of Radio Frequency Radiation. Glaser, Z.R.  1971/72.  Bibliography of reported biological phenomena (‘effects’) and clinical manifestations attributed to microwave and radio-frequency radiation. Naval Medical Research Institute MF12.54.015-004B, Report No…. Read More

Subversion of Science: Royal Society of Canada panel with conflict of interest to review Safety Code 6!

June 18, 2013.  Finally a medical authority reveals what goes on behind closed doors! Paul Christopher Webster wrote an article for the  Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) revealing conflict of interest for one member of the Royal Society… Read More

Austrian Medical Association guidelines for diagnosing and treating patients with electrohypersensitivity

June 22, 2012.  Earlier this year (March 2012), the Austrian Medical Association released a very important document: Guideline of the Austrian Medical Association for the diagnosis and treatment of EMF related health problems and illnesses (EMF syndrome).  Consensus paper of the… Read More